The Sex Symbol


 When I finally began to embrace who I was, I found the world. I love staying in shape, I love taking care of my health, I love looking like sex, and none of this is vain. Other’s will always have an opinion on how or who you should be. Being an image of sex is what made me feel like a woman, no shame. I am beautiful, I am attractive, and I am successful because of it. But what some don’t realize is that the intelligence to utilize a power, such as sex is a skill. A woman can showcase herself but to present her mind is a treat. The act of presentation is a power that takes an insight into actions toward others. Marilyn Monroe for example, created her own film company to properly showcase her talent after not being taken seriously. In the hands of Marilyn and towards the end of her life, she controlled what she wanted us to see.
When I wake up and look at myself, I feel proud. I am known to promote characteristics affiliated to be a sex symbol and I love it. I embrace the definition used to describe the famed Marilyn Monroe and Bridgette Bardot; it’s empowering. In describing a sex symbol, Hollywood has persuaded audiences to view sexual women as harlots. A woman who enjoys sex has been viewed incorrectly for too long. Being an individual embracing their sexual side is strong and acting only in their nature. A woman who desires intimacy is attractive and beautiful. Allowing desires into your personality is the bold uniqueness sex symbols portray. The way I dress feels sensational. Being young and beautiful is never a fault. As the time comes, seize it and never feel guilty for it. When I decide what to wear when I go out, I do it with sex and class on my mind. Whenever and however you choose to embrace and resemble your sexuality to an audience, always stand and abide by your decision. Never allow anyone to make you feel guilty for your decision to feel proud. Only you, yourself, can make you happy. The approval of others can be temporary, but internal pleasures will soon return and question your decisions.
If this is who you are but you are not there yet, it is okay. When I turned eighteen, I decided to start allowing myself to feel what I needed. I posed nude for the first time with Playboy when I was nineteen years old. I felt beautiful. I was never scared to show myself. I wanted the world and men to know how proud I was of myself. My motives stemmed from the desire to want attention from men. I must point out; my motives aren’t always the same. Feeling sexy isn’t just from the reaction of men, it’s from a woman too. Who do you think we get our fantasies, style, and personalities from? We are in utter competition with one another and have many more challenges to overcome. In this age, women have significantly come together to stand for rights and injustice. What about the injustice of competition? Nobody can be the best, there will always be something newer and shinier. Might as well start coughing up the tricks, we’re all on the same team here!


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  1. It is refreshing to hear a beautiful woman speak out on reality. Most of what you said has been the basis for humanity for centuries. You are a breath of fresh air in a world of insanity. Thank you.

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