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Welcome to the blog of the “Millennial Sex Revolution” a time in history of natural empowerment and where you come to understand that your normal is actually normal. If you are oozing with the deviant characteristics like I am, have no fear, your comforting second opinion is near.
I created this blog specifically for the purpose to give some piece of mine, others advice, and myself the OK to feel what I feel.
In the land of sex fad and culture, I’ve come to find joy and happiness. Experiencing and sharing my journey through the life of, well…. Me! It’s real purpose is to explain my life experiences and share new customs into such a conservative life.
I was walking along one of my really good friends recently and we began to talk about how open I was sexually over social media. How I was so “comfortable “opening up to the world, etc.
Not that this rubbed me in the wrong way, I was genuinely flattered, but that wasn’t my purpose.
I’ve been aiming to show that Divina isn’t just another inspired dreamer, no.
Confidence phase body
“Aside from social media, I have a life”- Casas. Please someone from the New York Times just fucking quote me because I feel like that was the most brilliant, honest, spoken truth I’ve ever said. What I mean by this is, are you capable of social, in human, sexual interaction? Not physically but by body language. Being a tease over the internet is fantastic, it’s a talent, but what you give online, are you able to do in person? For example, that glimpse, glare, you give to your followers, are you confident to do that in person to the guy you’ve been staring at across the bar for the past ten minutes. Here is where we’ll come to learn many aspects of mastering the young god features, step one if facing the world.
Facing the world only comes with ease, until you truly begin to understand yourself. What you like, what you want, what you desire. Without those three crucial parts of you, the world may seem confusing. Sit down with yourself and ask the deep questions you scare yourself to even think about. Do I really like, blank? Does blank genuinely turn me on? I’ve been thinking about blank, should I try it? Get a piece of paper, write down the truth, be honest with yourself. At the end of the day (lifetime) are you going to remember the things you did, the things you didn’t do, the things you didn’t TRY? A goddess or god understands him or herself, entirely, what they need to survive. This is step one.
Lastly, I’d like to say thanks for taking the time to read my first entry. I understand that the world is full of opinions, so please keep yours appropriate and tasteful. Here’s a short lesson for the non agreeing. We don’t carry the same values, we never think the same, we always have slight differences. To some this will lift the confusing anxiety, others this will just seem like another rant. Then to others this may bring enlightenment and comfort, then to few this may begin a debate. This will not please everybody, and that’s okay, because the lesson here is, you can’t make everybody happy. Having the mindset of making every other person around you happy is impossible and preposterous, I say preposterous because the only person you should focus on making happy is you. -D