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Nudity is nothing to be ashamed nor afraid of. Society has closet shamed nudity for the wrong reasons. Nudity doesn’t imply indecency or immorality. This critique on tanning naked is far more than a “taboo” subject. Being nude is an expression that some may yearn for as freedom. I created this article to give others the opportunity to be enlightened just as I was about life. Learning to accept my body and become able allowed me to explore other possibilities of fulfillment such as being more open about my sexuality, more aware of my surroundings, and more open to socializing with others. As minor as these may seem, becoming nude has allowed me to fulfill my fantasy and most importantly to see passed the outside appearance. Society repeatedly judges individuals from an outside presence, which almost always hinders chances and opportunities. Becoming accepting of my nudism has taught me to look passed what’s on the outside and seek meeting individuals for who they truly are. Something as simple as tanning naked can open the doors for a broader look on life. This column is a modern and humble approach to your new journey. This piece focuses mainly on the insight and mindset necessary to achieving the comforts of being naked on your own. We don’t expect you to join a nudist resort or learn the art of nudism in one day. Learning nudism can be self-taught and begun in the comfort of your own home. If you feel relaxed enough one day, you can explore the pleasures of tanning naked in a safe nude environment. This piece originated from the expressiveness gained by opening the mass pleasures of nudism and was meant to be shared for others to experience the same beauty. I believe the first step is to find confidence within yourself and recognize what was rightfully handed to you; your body.

The Art of Nudity

 The art of nudity doesn’t just apply to sex, it applies to a full genre of self-exploration. Being naked is naturally presumed to be attributed to having sex and although this is a major stimulating component, it’s not entirely true. Nudism for many centuries has been attributed to raw connection, spiritual engagement, and awareness. The first step to practicing the art of nudity is to find the foundation of where you want to begin your journey. Is it for confidence, comfort, self-awareness, freedom, or power?  When I moved into my first apartment, I habitually wanted to be clothed but innately I wanted to be naked. I started off with a large shirt. No panties, just the shirt. It was refreshing for my body to lessen the restraint and constriction that clothes puts on my body. When I was half naked, I began to get curious. I made my home where there was enough light and privacy to allow myself to become more expressive. I began sleeping naked which improved the depth of my sleep. I felt more rejuvenation being able to sleep more soundly. By these positive reactions, I began to fully integrate myself into complete nudity. I would sit on the couch, do the dishes, do the laundry, everything I fantasized doing naked.

Sexual Overdrive

Other positive features to my dare devil actions were the increased amount of sexual charge I was creating. I personally believe that the restriction of clothes can sometimes have effects on the sensitivity of the body. When my partner would come home and see me naked it was an instant conception of eroticism. I was an animal in my habitat, exactly the way I was supposed to be. My nudism therefore turned into curiosity and exploration. Some only dream of nudism, I chose to make it a reality. Tanning naked for the first time gave me a sense of power that heightened the possibilities that I could aim for. I wanted more personal human experiences that allowed me to be myself in this world. Some may agree that tanning naked in public is a form of taboo, but most beaches in Europe and Australia allow nudity in public. Nudist resort style options are available for the curious and can be exciting fun for single females and couples. If you’re uncomfortable tanning completely naked, try your bikini top first. The warmth of the sun on my breast was a feeling I had never experienced before. Inevitably, I wanted to feel it elsewhere. In simplest terms, start where you are most comfortable, then integrate into full nudity when you are comfortable.


The Key to Healthy Nudism

If personal constraints and insecurity is pulling you away from your nudist fantasy, here are some pieces of guidance I advise you to recognize strongly. First, nudism is a true beauty in itself. In the term defining nudity, there is no recognition of size, shape, or kind. Nude what we all are, equally. None more than others, we’re all nude underneath! Secondly, nudity is not for the pleasure of others, it’s for yourself. Share and exude the self confidence you know you can obtain. In some instances, your confidence can help alleviate fear and help others on their journey to self-assurance. Your courage will not only broaden your possibilities in life, but also have the opportunity for others to understand that fear is only masking their true desires. No matter the age, size, shape, kind, nudism is open and encouraged for all. Those who shame are insecure and have not reached the level of self-power that you are worthy of. Do not attempt to be naked for the envy of others, for your journey may soon come to a wall of disparity and unhealthy self-loathing. To be naked is to walk down the path that leads to the next possibility. Be firm with your intentions, believe in them, and live them to your absolute fullest.


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