Quarantined up’: How to Maintain Balance within Yourself & with a Partner Using Sex, Space, and Spirit


There’s a crisis going on, and I’m not talking about the pandemic. It’s guys and girls all over the world nestling down for the next two weeks with their new quarantine buddy. Either this was the best decision I’ve ever made or the biggest mistake of my life. Whether you just started dating or you’ve been together for a while, being in a confined space for two weeks can be intimidating for couples. Either there is going to be a baby boom in August or a lot of single people in the Summer. So, if you want to find balance, the happy medium, that sweet spot, I’ll guide you through some obvious reminders on how to maintain a honeymoon phase after this all blows over. Let’s hope our girl Sylvia Brown was right.



It’s like the first thing to do when you’re stuck watching shows or in the bedroom for the first couple of days. It’s extremely romantic when you’ve finally spent some much-needed time with your partner. But then, it starts to get a little boring and repetitive. It’s like the only thing left to do aside from eating and binge-watching Netflix or Disney Plus. Here’s some food for thought. Switch it up. Here are some crazy outlandish ideas to spice it up.

  • Do it in the shower. You both probably need to take one of those sometime right?
  • Watch porn. Talk and learn new things that your partner has wanted to try and experience with you. Now is the time to establish comfort and learn about your partner’s desires.
  • Make a sex tape. I know, I’m a bad influence. Either you’ll regret it or love it, so choose responsibly.
  • Put on a show. Shorts and sweatshirts are hot in all but put on some lingerie once in a while or put some cologne on occasionally. Set a mood, a constant mood. Make your area together tranquil and a place to enjoy one another. Instead of wanting to create distance from one another, your area together will be a place of coziness, comfort, and erotic memories.



As much as we want to be with another person during #alonetogether, space is necessary. If you notice that your partner is becoming irritable or distant, allow them to venture into their own space. Once you give them time to focus on themselves, the faster they’ll remember where another sanctuary lies, you. Although it seems like everyone needs someone now, this is also a time for self-reflection. When was the last time that we were all forced to be in one place at the same time? The entire world is in a predicament where we are all equally in a standstill. Being at home is an opportunity to plan, create habits, and visualize possibilities now that we are away from our distractions. The world at the beginning of 2020 was accelerating at a pace that we were missing what was truly important, ourselves. Take this time to appreciate the person you are or change to the person you want to be. Write out your expectations for the remainder of the year, challenge your capabilities, create a stronger body, focus on the base of who you are and make that foundation strong. This pandemic is a blessing in disguise. It is allowing us to sit down and evaluate everything.





I’m not just talking alcohol, I’m talking energy, positivity, alliance. You can be an eye-opener for your new partner. Be the hope and rationality needed to fight this pandemic. Be positive, empathetic, and motivating for yourself but also for him or her. Also, be wise. This isn’t a time to socialize. This will pass and we will have a lifetime to regain the time lost. Although, a glass of wine now and then wouldn’t hurt. The media has created a lot of hysteria and irrational way of handling these difficult times. Remember to manage and control your anxiety and fear. Stress is detrimental and inhibits the immune system. Have that glass of wine, have a scotch, have a shot. Relieve your tensions and relax. It’s all going to be okay. Here’s a game. Grab two hats. One for him, one for her. Have your separate hats and write down questions he or she should know from the time you’ve known one other. Every wrong answer takes a shot. Shot of tequila, vodka, water, whatever you’d like. Whatever makes you happy. Stay happy, stay strong, stay safe, stay active, and stay positive. This too shall pass!


With love,



2 thoughts on “Quarantined up’: How to Maintain Balance within Yourself & with a Partner Using Sex, Space, and Spirit

  1. Hi Divina,
    Thanks for sharing these gems about happiness.
    My learnings from the above is that:
    1. I should look at all that I have achieved in life and remember the times when I was on the other side of that door. I should be proud of what I am!
    2. Time is of the essence. I should be mindful of every moment. And all these moments should be filled with memories of happiness.
    3. I have realised that it is so much easier to be happy than feel stressed out! Being happy is just a decision that should make up most of my day.
    Please accept my deepest gratitude for this amazing blog which I just happened to come across through IG. It has given me something to introspect today and given me new resolve to be just Happy! 🙂

    Lots of love and respect

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