Magnums in my Chanel


Recently I’ve noticed a shift in the world of sex and social culture, both men and women have become more intimidated to walk up to each other in social place settings. Some are just too shy; some simply can’t make eye contact. Has the thought of rejection frightened our youth so much that neither sexes are willing to approach the other? In the time of instant gratification and unrealistic expectations, scenarios aren’t always like our late-night porn screenings. Sex and connection mean to engage yourself in a mental and physical challenge. Fuck it, what’s the worst thing someone can do, tell me no? I started carrying Magnum’s in my Chanel because I was in control of the connections I made and who I was going to approach.

“Taboo” as it may be for a woman to be carrying condoms in her purse, I personally think it’s quite sexy. First, I’d like to be prepared for when a man decides to enter my kingdom. No gift for your queen? I’ve resulted in taking charge of my own health and my confidence. A woman carrying intentions of having sex in her purse is the independence women all over the world have been fighting for. Use your liberty. On a more erotic note, this sort of dominatrix approach may also incline some afterthoughts in your inamorato. You’ll cast a whirlwind of ideas that come to the subconscious. Is she seeing other people? Am I not the only one fueling her attention span? What else is she up to? Keep this grey area, later you’ll create pure infatuation, just by a condom. Lastly, there’s growth to stepping out of your personal boundaries. In this age, all genders are taking a stance to live life the most fulfilling reaches of their imaginations. Can carrying something like Magnum’s give us the confidence to control what happens next? I must point out, it isn’t the object itself that creates the opportunities. Stepping out of your comfort momentarily can change your outtake on risk taking. Expanding your opportunities may be as simple as introducing yourself to that guy or girl at the bar/beach/airport/restaurant/work. This small or large task can very well be the eye opening experience that was as easy as putting two rubber condoms inside your purse.


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