Is my nudity offending you?


As the soaring 20’s comes back into yet another cultivating century, you would think that my experience would displace the fact that I’ve posed nude, right? At the age of consent, signing on to the responsibility of “nudity” was an awesome feeling. I carried posing nude on the back of my shoulder like I was wearing an “I voted” sticker. I was proud of it! But now at days, it seems like a bad reputation to have job wise. When did my choice in making fine art become the decision maker for my employment? It wasn’t until recently that I began to hear that my name as a reputable model began to diminish from posing nude. I wasn’t spreading my legs or waiting for someone to enter me? This is absolutely no offense to the women and men in the porn industry because the confidence to challenge society for their own happiness and success is a medal well deserved. But I’m talking about social reputation, a delicate and metaphoric piece of paper that labels my status in society?

Gender equality doesn’t just mean equal work, it means equal treatment. In my journey of posing naked and being published doing so, I’ve noticed a slight shift in my acceptability in workplace settings and even my friendships. The professionalism that I carry, and work experience that I’ve created doesn’t mean anything to you just because you’ve seen my tits? What would you consider this? Hypocritical, unjust, or unfair? Why are women still being shamed in the twenty first century for making an adult decision for the sake of their own pride. We all have duties in life, especially one of providing for ourselves.

In some instances, I’ve felt a very uneasy tone in being introduced to a friend of a friend due to my status and photographs online. I am saying this with all seriousness, if you are embarrassed of the fact that I’ve been photographed naked, please do not hire me, be my friend, or attempt to associate with me. What I have done, is what I am proud of and the people in my life should be acceptive and encouraging to my personal decision of being brave. Being naked isn’t wrong. It’s heroic!


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