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Social media has been an advantage to platform and credibility in the industry. I, myself, was discovered through my “portfolio” on my page. To an extent, it’s given me the opportunities of a lifetime. Aside from social media being great for a modeling career, what else do you use it for? Generally you stay in touch with friends, follow influencers, create inspiration, or envy. Here’s the topic of conversation I know you didn’t want me to admit, envy.

Ask yourself a series of embarrassing and self realizing questions for me. Do you spend more time on your phone taking a pic or story than enjoying your friends or event? How many times do you pick up your phone to take a picture on average when you go out? This isn’t me saying you have a phone addiction, you might, but that’s not the point, this is.

Seizing a moment is indulging in the experience, the time, the moment with friends, the view from the rooftop, old throwback music, or the smiles all around you. Technology addiction has seized our own recollection and presence with video recordings instead of looking at it from our own to beautiful glass lenses, eyes. Next time you go out, remember these life altering suggestions.

1. After all your friends are there, turn off your phone.

– when everyone’s finally there, turn that shit off. Enjoy your friends.

2. Remember who’s living your life, you or the lens?

– It’s great to kodak your favorite memory, but the memory itself is the most human delicacy that a phone can’t replace.

3. You’ll achieve a great sense of pride from being independent.

– Codependency to an object is medically speaking, an addiction. Free yourself, heighten your perception of the situations you’re in. Enjoy that drink, breathe in that view, be thankful for that beating heart.

Not everyone is worthy

When I get on the gram, I see a game. Who’s where, what’s she’s wearing, and my view is better than yours. An era of envy has erupted and there’s no sight of slowing it down as of 2018. Personally, I’m bored. I began realizing about six months ago that not everyone needs to know what I’m doing. Not everyone is worthy of everything I am doing. But, listen hear from outside perception. “And you showing off, but it’s alright, this is your life.” NO judgment. We’ve all been proud of ourselves and there’s no shame to it. If you’ve worked hard for that life, by all means, give a good show for the dedication you’ve put in. Just don’t forget to enjoy it yourself.

With love,