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I’m going to share the strategy a million in one will come to understand. The length of the time and my realistic goals don’t match up, I beat the system.

I’m a slave to the Universe. What does that mean? I am in chains, on my knees, and all in all, whole to the world.

I’ve given myself and my faith to what I don’t understand, and what I don’t understand has given me grace, opportunity, orgasms, and money.

Baby, it’s simple, the key to living a fruitful life is knowing if the things you’re currently doing will matter in the end. YOUR time is the most valuable item you own. Not everyone is worthy, share it wisely, and don’t let anyone hinge or waste it.

I’m referring to myself as the young bunny if you haven’t already noticed, I’m going to share a small fortune of my memory as to becoming a Playboy Bunny.

I’m going to say that I knew my day with Playboy was coming. If I’ve turned you off already, oops but there’s a lesson to learn with my first sentence. I knew I was going to be the young twenty year old Playboy Bunny, because I was telling myself that for months. To get to this point, I creating a name for myself. I metaphorically went knocking on doors to let others know who I was, I created friendships, I worked with multiple brilliant minds, I expanded my social media, and I became an independent working model all in a year. All of this was trial and error mind you, I worked from the ground up.Throughout all of this, I stayed humble, became patient, and eventually my thoughts came to my reality. The reason I was so firm and cocky with my future was because if I didn’t believe in it, who else would.

Believing in yourself is the most vital fucking thing in the world. If you don’t have peace and confidence in yourself, you’re done. Mind over matter.

The day I put my ears on, I shed a couple tears. Tears was a small reward for myself because my momentous occasion had arrived. What I had been thinking, and dreaming of, came to my feet. Because I believed, because I knew, because I acted.

To all the other young bunnies in the world, entrepreneurs, students, creative enthusiast, jet setters, partiers, it’s your time. Set your next goal, believe, turn it into a reality. When you’re there, share it with me. I’m here to cheer you on.