Divina Almeraz Casas

Southern California Native, Divina Almeraz Casas, was born on June 23, 1997 in Irvine, California. Raised by both American and Spanish parents, Divina grew up in Los Angeles where her unique appearance has caught the eyes of many editors and producers. 

Into adulthood, Divina began working as a full time model and is currently attending college as a full time student. Divina has been published in magazine’s such as Playboy, Playboy Mexico, and Arsenic Magazine. She has worked with brands such as Guess, Honey Birdette, and exclusive resort’s such as Desire Riviera Pearl.

Along with being a lingerie, fine art, and fashion model, Divina is an avid and talented writer. She is an open-minded and sensual writer that speaks for confident woman in the industry. She writes from her personal experience living and experiencing the Los Angeles culture. She also enjoys being a creative director in her spare time for she is also a videographer and film director.

“My passion derives from wanting to be a voice for impact. Growing up I felt somewhat out of place. As I grew older, I realized I was unique. My voice was just a little louder than everybody else’s and I learned to empower that volume. I’m creating a foundation of acceptance with my platform, work, and writing. Our society has created a great start by de stigmatizing what beauty is “suppose” to be, but I want to take it one step further. I’m breaking the ceiling for the controversial artist’s to step out and be themselves. My goal is to be the voice of acceptance, for who you are, is who you should love.”