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I decided to share what it means to be a radiance of happiness, in my eyes of course. For the past week, I’ve had three separate people from three separate friend groups tell me that I am a very happy person. When I delve into the possibilities of how I am so “happy” the first thing that comes to mind is being proud of myself. As a “start-up model” I’ve built my life around the business I created, my brand. At twenty-one, I’ve not only created my own website, but I’ve been hired by some of the most influential businesses in the industry. I’m proud of myself for that. Never forget to look back at the door you once dreamed of walking in. When you accomplish a goal you previously set to accomplish, you’ve exceeded your own expectations from a prior mindset. You’ve earned a conscious pat on the back.

Secondly, life is a short trip on Earth. The time I am set to be here, has been mindfully chosen to be used wisely. Wasting away in sadness, fear, anger, frustration, is a waste. Said previously in my blog, you’re time is the most valuable component, don’t let just anyone or any object waste it and use it wisely and be selfish. Nothing is more frustrating than reminding yourself of a time wasted. Don’t even allow the possibility of a negative memory.Treat yourself to lookback at something worth remembering.

Lastly, it’s your choice to be happy. Being mindful of mental illness and tragic events, time passes and the choice of your life is essentially in your hands. From what I’ve learned, after many mindful battles with myself, it is easier to be happy. Sadness and stress only deteriorates and hinders the body. Take a moment and regroup, is the energy you have being used wisely or wastefully.

From a happy girl, I hope I’ve opened a possible new world for you.

With love,